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What Secrets Do Your Drawings
Reveal About You?

"I can't draw" is not an issue!

Abstract Watercolor Drawing


As a psychologist I often use art to help my clients reveal emotions where words are just too painful. In many cases we have just learned to live with the pain making it part of ourselves, manifesting in ways that make our life so much more difficult such as poor sleep, recurrent injuries, lack of concentration, restlessness, burn-out, poor self esteem; the list goes on.

Becoming aware of what is really going on is so very important. Where do your behaviour patterns stem from? Using analytical art therapy we can literally look at what's going on - the first step to unlocking your future with art therapy.


Feel free to contact me with any questions with regard to changing how you react. I am fluent in both Dutch and English (native speaker) 

Scattered Paintbrushes
What Carol Says........
“Ik heb in 2018 bij Carol aangeklopt toen ik middenin een burn-out zat. Zij heeft mij op een leerzame, creatieve en rustgevende wijze nieuwe inzichten gegeven waar ik de rest van mijn leven iets aan heb. Zij heeft mij geholpen met dichter bij mezelf te komen en mezelf te omarmen zoals ik ben.”

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Greenshields Art & Therapy

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